Permission Granted: Pursue your Greatness!

by Patrice Horton, MA LPCA, NCC, March 20, 2016, Inspirational On any given Sunday you will find me rejoicing and praising God exuberantly, as a personal witness and testimony to His faithfulness and unending love for me. I don’t have time to fully share my story of personal deliverance and freedom but its suffice to say that I have history with God … Read More

No Laughing Matter

by Patrice Horton MA, LPCA, NCC, March 27, 2016, Mental Health I recently came across some comic strip captions that illustrated the difference in how society at large tends to view and address the mental verses physical health challenges of individuals. Initially I chuckled within but upon further reflection I wondered how many of us are or have been guilty of downplaying our … Read More